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emotional freedom fundamentals guide

1:1 Sessions with Lisa

Explore coaching, mentoring, nutrition, health wellness and lifestyle and energetic healing with Lisa

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Self-care Saturday Women's Circle

saturday 16th November

Come and explore what self-care really is * It is care for yourself that goes beyond the facials, manicures & peticures and massages * It is true relaxation, reflection and connection with yourself * It is experiencing your own love.

It is meeting other women and sharing in a self-care saturday together!

Monthly meetup

Daytime: 10:30AM TO 11:30am
EVENING: 7-8pm

A FREE Monthly Morning Meetup for Inner West Women.  Come and CONNECT, COLLABORATE and join other Resilient Women in the Inner West COMMUNITY. A beautiful meetup for ALL INNER WEST WOMEN.

Weekly FB Live

Every Tuesday
8pm Inner West Women FB Page

Inspired by the Resilient Inner West Women I have been meeting at the shops, whilst walking my neighbors dog, in cafes and in local FB Group – we uplift our energy and vibration when we come together so share – connect and grow together. Come along for a chat and a cuppa. You will all walk away with the gift of connection.

What inner west women are saying about the Events

Freedom from Stress – Lentil as Anything 2/11/2019

“10/10- science / evidence examples, practical examples and tapping, warm and friendly, relevant topic, dealt with the grief questions well”
“10/10 – eye opening and loved the inclusive environment”
“Almost perfect”
“Helpful technique, accepting atmosphere, supportive”.

Tapping out of stress and into balance – Lululemon 30/10/2019

“Workshop was great. Beautiful energy and lots of value”
“Very friend facilitator, very informative workshop, thank you for holding space for us”
“It was great, and you are amazing”
“Well explained”
“Well run, excellent communication”
“Thank you”

Speed Coaching - October 2019

11/10 “Really enjoyed learning about EFT”
10/10 “Able to calm me down quickly . Interested in approach of coaching”
9/10 “Professional, great listener, good technique.  Like tapping.  Inspiring”

What inner west women are saying about the Meetups


It was amazing how deep the conversation got so quickly. Meant to be.


Had a lovely experience today meeting a group of new people at the first Inner West Women. We shared experiences, realised other people go through what we go through and learned from each other! What a terrific experience…meeting a group of authentic and loving ladies, open to sharing so that others may learn and benefit. Thanks ladies and thank you Lisa Gumieniuk for creating the opportunity for connection!💓​

What inner west women are saying about self-care Saturdays


A little sneaky peek from my experience at The Resilient Women’s Circle event hosted by the very gifted Lisa Gumieniuk. I attended the very first session yesterday & It was a peaceful and safe space to connect, to step outside of your comfort zone and learn the power of intuition. How powerful our energy can be when we tune into it! My highlight, pulling a card at the end! My whole intention at the event was around connection as working alone can be both empowering & isolating. Sometimes as women, we can feel so alone even when we aren’t. I even voiced this in the session to a room of strangers as a goal of mine, to connect more. Then, pulling this particular card at the end re-enforced that I’m never really alone. Thanks again Lisa. Awesome to connect with some lovely local ladies & really step outside of my comfort zone


1 Day after circle … Not sure if its just my imagination, but so many people are being so friendly and nice to me today – must be my new energy!!! Wow thanks Lisa , your session was AMAZING.


Thanks Lisa for inviting me to your circle. It was great to be there and to connect with others and what ambience you created with essential oils and diffusers and lighting!


3: How to Connect as Soul Beings with Bianca de Reus

What is soul-to-soul connection and Connecting Soul Beings? We talk about what this means, how you can discover this connection for yourself by ‘tuning in’ to yourself and to others. We talk about how Bianca was unable to leave the house for 3 months and the tools she used to tap into her own mindset and change her fears and come from a place of love. This is a very deep and soulful conversation.

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1: Welcome to the Inner West Women Podcast with Lisa Gumieniuk

This is the first Inner West Women Podcast!

Lisa welcomes you to the podcast, shares part of her personal journey and her Inner West Women mission and vision and how the Inner West Women podcast came to be.

Share her inspiring story and her hope to bring about connection, collaboration and a greater sense of community for Inner West (and local) Women.

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