I specialise in helping women break-free from emotions that hold them back, to tap into their inner resilience and transform their lives.

Access your very own Anxiety Break-Free & Resilience program today.

Anxiety Break-free & resilience program

2 month Program

What if it only took 2 months of committing to yourself to transform your life and break-free from what's holding you back in life? This program includes 4 x 75 min sessions over the period of 8 weeks (one session every 2 weeks). Can you committ to that?

1:1 Sessions

The sessions are all private one-on-one sessions online via ZOOM! I will guide you during each session for the entire 75 min session! This is a private programs and is not an online group program. This is your own private program!

100% Personalised

This program is tailored to you! It's 100% personalised to what YOU are going through and what tools and techniques YOU need to heal, transform and tap into your inner resilience.


Each session generally explores, uncovers and then re-patterns and re-programs any limiting beliefs, experience of stories that have help you back in the past! These exploratory sessions get to the root cause AND resolve them!

How will it help me?

Not only will you unblock, resolve and clear the main patterns, beliefs, emotions, feelings and/or experiences that have been holding you back, you’ll also be able to work through deeper layers and aspects of your life that you have always wanted to explore, resolve and begin to breakthrough.

You’ll learn and implement new and empowering tools and techniques which you can incorporate in your daily life to continue to accelerate your transformation.

This package enables you to transform your health and Wellness journey beyond your dreams and at a rate you would have previous thought impossible.

I’m passionate about supporting you to transform you life! I know you can… because I have!

Think about what’s stopping you from moving forward? Is it the right tools to transform? If so, then lets chat about it and let me share my experience with you!

Why i'm passionate about this program

Too many of you incredible women suffer from anxiety! 

How do I know?!?! 

Many brave and amazing women have shared this with me! I know for many of you, your anxiety is so overwhelming, it stops you from living an abundant life, from attending Inner West Women events, and from meeting other amazing women and much, much more! 

So after hearing from more amazing women who are trapped and overcome by these emotions… I decided to create this 1:1 personalised program for you!

Your life is more important than you may believe

what people are saying

I'm immensely grateful for my sessions with Lisa. Her guidance and understanding was on such a deep level that helped my healing journey. The effects of the tapping and having Lisa work with me had an immediate effect on all levels - mind, body and emotions.
Sophia Lagonikos​
Lisa is an amazing wellness warrior who researches and tests many modalities and has overcome great challenges herself! Her dedication to health and lifestyle is evident through her uplifting messages!
Tennille Pooley
Lisa was patient with me before our session even started. Lisa was able to identify and have an understanding of my priority beliefs that were blocking my forward progress. I was easily guided through my session by her with compassion and I recommend Lisa for anyone wanting to release subconscious beliefs.
Bianca Batalha
Working with Lisa was a game changer for me. She helped me work through my own blocks around growth and expansion. Lisa not only helped me transform my beliefs. Lisa kept me accountable and was always there for support. I highly recommend working with Lisa; she is knowledgeable, conscious and compassionate ... so you can reach your goals.
Natasha Haddad

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