3: How to Connect as Soul Beings with Bianca de Reus

What is soul-to-soul connection and Connecting Soul Beings? We talk about what this means, how you can discover this connection for yourself by ‘tuning in’ to yourself and to others. We talk about how Bianca was unable to leave the house for 3 months and the tools she used to tap into her own mindset and change her fears and come from a place of love. This is a very deep and soulful conversation.

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1: Welcome to the Inner West Women Podcast with Lisa Gumieniuk

This is the first Inner West Women Podcast!

Lisa welcomes you to the podcast, shares part of her personal journey and her Inner West Women mission and vision and how the Inner West Women podcast came to be.

Share her inspiring story and her hope to bring about connection, collaboration and a greater sense of community for Inner West (and local) Women.

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